Long gone are my teenage years, but the memories and movies remain.

AMERICAN PIE was released into theaters 15 years ago yesterday (July 9th, 2014). I chose to watch this movie out of the blue last night without any knowledge of said anniversary. Coincidence? I think so!

As for the film, it still holds up and is as good of a watch as ever. Being a teen in the mid to late 90’s, I connected and related with this movie on a level like that of which teens of the 80’s connected with The Breakfast Club. -For the record, I love The Breakfast Club. – I had completed my mission of losing my virginity a couple years earlier, which help me connect with the film, I’m sure.

AS long as there are teenage males questing to lose their virginity, this film with have an audience and will find more fans who endear this film as much as I do. 



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