One of the most beloved comic strips of all time is Charles Schulz’ “PEANUTS”. Based on the life of a seemingly forever down on his luck kid named Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, his sister Sally, and other neighborhood friends Lucy, Linus, Schroeder, and Franklin to name a few. The popularity of the strip led to films, a few video games, endless toys and apparel, but most notably, the holiday television specials. My favorite being “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown!”.

Timeless. Whimsical. Makes you wish you were a part of their group of friends, doesn’t it? Well, not me! I see through the veil of bright colors and fun adventures. I see the dark and sad. I see the group of friends for what they really are. Cancer Patients.

“Cancer Patients?” you ask. Yes. I will explain the world of Peanuts and the gang as I see them.

NOTE: My explanation will be full of plot holes based on which movie/special/story line from the strip you try to match it up with. This is just a fun observation that is only meant to make you not see Peanuts the same way again.

The world they live in – We only see their world from the eyes of the children. The world that is full of bright colors and imaginative things. NOT the real world of a hospital where they truly reside. Sure, the hospital allows them outside time and activities, it’s not a prison, but they never leave the hospital property. EVER.

The Characters –

Schroeder- He’s been in the hospital long enough to teach himself how to play the piano in the play room.

Lucy – She’s just a bitch, but if you were going through chemo, you might be too. Silver-lining, she has a crush on Schroeder.

Pig-Pen – No one really knows his true name. He wont say. He is also new to the ward and his nerves cause him to keep refusing his baths. There’s always a stinky kid.

Franklin – The token black character who acts like he’s better than everyone else. Maybe because he feels he shouldn’t be there anymore due to his cancer being in remission?

Linus – Charlie’s best friend. He’s always carrying his blanket around. People think it’s a security thing, but I see it representing how tired he always is from the treatments.

As for the rest of the supporting characters, you can fill in the blanks yourself. Now for the main characters. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and his friend Woodstock.

Snoopy and Woodstock – These two are only a dog and a bird due to the imagination of the kids. They really are adults. Snoopy is the cool orderly and Woodstock is a quiet, but equally as cool volunteer. This is the reason why they are the only one who really do leave the hospital and come back to tell their takes to the kids.

Charlie Brown – The man of the hour. Missing almost all his hair. Always feeling down. Remorseful, I would say. Nothing ever goes right for this guy. He has a crush on the little redhead girl, but she’s just there from time-to-time visiting family. He can’t have her. He wishes Snoopy, the orderly, was really his dog. Ever notice how he really never has any control over his dog? While trick or treating, from nurses station to nurses station, they only give him rocks. Maybe that just means he’s a diabetic? Maybe the rocks were painted nice. We’ll never know.

Wait a second. In the final Peanuts comic strip, Charlie Brown’s baseball team finally win a game. Then again, we all win ever game when we go to heaven.

Yes. We lost Charlie Brown to cancer in the last comic strip.

R.I.P. Chuck


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